Banking & Financial Services

Bank - Secure data destructionThere is no more greater security than the security of a Bank, knowing as a business or consumer that the Bank will always keep our information secure, for centuries the bank has been the pillar of what security really means, and this is true still today, as this is the culture of any bank and what it stands for. At Shredable we take security as serious as the bank, and which is why we created a mobile secure solution for disposal of devices in the first place, so the banks never let the data out of their sight and every thing we do is in the watchful eye of the bank onsite or our mobile high definition video surveillance systems built into every truck, so not only does the bank continue to live up to it’s reputation from centuries ago, we can protect the banks future for today and tomorrow and ensure that compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Shredable solution offers the Financial Services Industry peace of mind of a true onsite secure disposal product that not only meets all the certifications and compliance rules, but ensures the data never goes offsite to a remote location, as we take all data very seriously but we understand clearly the needs of the financial industry and what pressures there are in this mission critical industry.


Education - Secure ShreddingMany students come and go, and the computers or devices they use need to have their data protected. Student information, Test Scores, Personal Data, all of these in an Education establishment need to be protected and either wiped after new students come and go or disposed of in some form or another. Having Shredable able pick up and dispose of the data on site or wipe the data for re-use is something that we offer as part of our onsite services for education, and all schools and colleges not only receive a Education discount for our services, we too can operate after school/college hours for less disruption.


Government - Mobile Shredding ServiceGovernment takes the responsibility of data very seriously, and like our financial services offering, our certified process and trained/authorised personnel make our onsite services right for any Govt establishment that needs to ensure data compliance and that all devices or disk drives are disposed of correctly and in a secure manner. We offer a comprehensive service that we can customise to any Govt entity that needs a secure onsite disposal methodology to data destruction.