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HDD Destruction onsite is an ideal solution for organisations that require fast witnessed destruction of hard disk drives directly on premises. Shredable ensure this service is secure, convenient and environmentally friendly.

HDD Destruction
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Certified to ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 5377

Our Certifications

Shredable not only follows our own policies for the destruction and disposal of devices and hard disk drives or any other kind of media, we also ensure we are certified and trained in ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 5377 standards ensures we comply to all the correct procedures and standards only you as a customer would expect.

Our people are trained in aspects of ISO and AS/NZS 5377 certifications, and as we bring on new personnel all of them go through a rigorous training program to make sure we have a 100% record of ensuring customer safety and standards.

ISO 9001 HDD Destruction - AS/NZS 5377

Our Services

HDD Destruction - Onsite Hard Disk Drive Destruction

HDD Destruction Onsite


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Data Disposal Consultation

Disposal Consultation


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Software Wiping of Devices

Software Wiping of Devices


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E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling


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IT Infrastructure Manager

Banking Industry

"Ensuring the Bank is compliant with the New Data Protection Laws in Australia was something we couldn't afford to take any risks with. Shredable not only helped us through the process, but disposing them on site was added sense of security we haven't had with other vendors."

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Shredable can help, we know what it takes to ensure compliance and ensure all your data has been disposed of, safely and securely onsite. Call or email us today for a free consultation on how we can help you solve your unwanted data needs.

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